"Lessons from the Sticker Patch is a book that will stick to your soul. Shari England weaves biblical truth throughout her colorful narrative, and the result is a book that will help the reader catch a fresh glimpse of God and His immeasurable love in unique ways."

Wade Burleson, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, Oklahoma

"Lessons from the Sticker Patch describes the unique childhood experiences of many of us who grew up in northwest Oklahoma. However, Shari has gone beyond nostalgia by sharing the spiritual insights that she has learned along the way. You will find yourself drawn to this book often.

"In your private moments, you will find it to be an inspiring book for personal devotions as well as a rich resource of wonderful material for those times when you are called upon to lead a public devotion. I expect I will often be going to Lessons from the Sticker Patch each time my grandchildren ask, “Grandma, what was it like when you were a kid?"

Mona Loewen, Waukomis, Oklahoma

"I have been reading your book and doing much needed meditation. WOW, it has once again opened my eyes. Like you said, you can read the same passage over and over again but some days it just jumps off the page and speaks directly to you! Thank you for your words and your prayers, as they continue to enlighten me on my path to my calling. I dedicate my work each and every day to the Lord and hope it is pleasing to Him."

Cindy Bobbitt -- Grant County Commissioner, Oklahoma

"Lessons from the Sticker Patch is written so that it fits my attention span at this time. I read little bits at a time and each time I fall in love with this book more and more. Wish I could afford to send it to everyone as a gift." 

Rita Cink - Vidalia, GA 

"Shari England has been providing weekly inspiration for hundreds of readers for several years now, and her book, "Lessons from the Sticker Patch," is sure to continue touching thousands more hearts for many years to come. The passages, parables and anecdotes can brighten one's day and be read and absorbed time and time again. This book is a timeless treasure and, hopefully, the first of other books by Shari from which we can learn and grow in God's faithful love."

Korina Schneider, Publisher and Editor of North Central Reporter, Medford, OK 

"Well said! I really like the way you write...very smooth!"  ~~
Scott Williams, Campus Pastor for LifeChurch NW, OKC

"If you want to be inspired, touched and encouraged by one with a tender heart for for our loving Father, these beautiful reflections/devotionals are for you." ~~                                                       Ken Jones, Counselor/Involvement Minister, Melbourne Church of Christ, West Melbourne, Florida

The title of this book caught my attention because I, too, grew up in a rural area where sticker patches were common. The most dreaded of all were the sand spurs. They could attach from every angle to bare feet, shoe strings, or pants legs and then the unpleasant task of removing them left pricked and bloodied fingers. Much like life!
We’ve all had those situations that left us pricked and bloodied. We sometimes question why we must continue enduring those unpleasant experiences. After all, I’m a Christian. Shouldn’t I be exempt from those situations? Shari does a great job of bringing this to light. She mixes childhood memories with Biblical truths as no other.
The stories brought back memories of my own. It was an enjoyable read that mixed life with life lessons.
Laurie Webb, author of "Holy Spirit Made Me Do It" 


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  1. Aunt Mae - Jonesboro, ARApril 29, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    A wonderful book, Shari. I read it cover to cover when I received it, but now I keep it by my bedside and find myself picking it up very often to read a chapter once again. You bring back so many good memories of those times on the farm - and watching you grow into the beautiful woman you are today. I kept an extra copy that I'm passing among my friends. I'm anxious for the next one.
    Love you,