(The following is a portion of the introduction taken directly from the book)

Growing up on the farm, Oklahoma grass stickers were a common assailant for the barefoot pedestrian. Like a baby calf without his mama, the cry of one caught in the confines of the sticker patch was a familiar one. Young or old, all victims assumed the same helpless stance as they carefully turned their bodies, searching for rescue.

Unaware of the covert calamity that lay hidden in the grass, most incidents caught victims completely off guard. Escape resembled strategic soldiers in a field of active landmines, with every step deliberate and calibrated.

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials” ( James 1:2). Consider it joy?

Trials can be painful, difficult, abrupt, and unexpected—just like stickers. Many times we ask, “Why me? How could this have happened?” From the trials of life to the temptations of the flesh, the sticker patch is an amusing parallel to our reaction and response to those “stickery” moments.

The difference is that the pain of testing will produce a stronger, more purposeful faith, while the pain associated with temptation is always a result of sin, bringing forth festering wounds and the casualties of sin.

We often are led to believe that the life of the Christian is utter bliss, like a smooth, free-flowing melody, one hymn after another. But there are days that feel far from liberated and anything but melodious, days when you wonder if other believers are going through the same battles you are.

Moments you question your faith and even question God. For this reason, I hope the reader will relate to these personal stories drawn from the infusion of my life journey with my faith journey. Throughout my life, I have sensed the hand of God guiding and protecting me, whether during the willful trek down the smooth path of rebellion or the often-rough terrain of the obedient faith walk. He is truly the ever-loving and ever-present Guide and Comforter.

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